Your Evolve Project

Are you feeling unfulfilled? Do you want to see drastic improvement in your life, yet have no idea where to start? Are you looking to get MORE out of life?

Our series of monthly life lessons will inspire and teach you to grow and develop. Join our tribe of incredible women to support and connect with. Each month we will provide you with monthly courses and practical guides so you can watch yourself evolve.

The monthly membership will focus on topics such as:

  • Growth - we will provide a framework that will allow you to know who you are, what you want to achieve, to push yourself out of your comfort zone and living your dreams.

  • Balance - you will create balance in your life by focusing on each area, from relationships to career, to cleanse of negativity, learn how to prioritise whats important, and increase your happiness.

  • Health - through both mind and body, the content will teach you how to implement healthy habits and better them. We will work on everything from nutrition and meditation to creating a positive relationship with food and ditching unhealthy habits like binge eating.

  • And others such as, confidence, managing stress and reaching your potential.

Each month, you will have access to:

  • Webinars where we coach you through the monthly module

  • A complete PDF guide containing activities, resources and content

  • Live Q&A and group coaching session where we answer your questions

  • Access to our online community of women on the same journey

  • Additional features such as healthy recipes, tips and support

Our monthly membership is soon to launch, so please register your interest and join our waiting list. We hope you will join us to start YOUR EVOLVE PROJECT.