Why start a passion project?


Before Cat and I started the Evolve Project, we often chatted about feeling a little bit stuck, we didn’t feel like we were getting quite enough from our jobs to keep us fulfilled and feel like we were growing. Something that we could share with the world, to do some good, where we could focus our energy and help others too. We didn’t know anything about blogging, we were just so passionate about the personal development we were doing, and we wanted to build a platform so that others could share our excitement and learn how to grow too. This post is not about how the Evolve Project started, so I won’t go into detail, but this was the beginning of our passion project. 

Feeling a little stuck in a rut can be pretty ‘normal’ in your 20’s, your whole life you are told that you need to pass certain exams, progress in certain ways, get into certain high schools and universities, and it seems that your 20’s hit you and you’re suddenly in a job that your expected to stay in for years, without much progression. This is why we believe it’s so important to have plenty going on in your life that you can work towards, to keep you excited and to help you develop in other ways. Passion projects are an amazing way to do this. 

So, what even is a passion project? This is something that you decide for yourself, but in general terms, it’s something that you can work on around your working hours that will enrich your life and give you something to focus on. Have you always been quite artistic? Start an Etsy page! Have you always been passionate about poetry? Start a blog! Whatever your passions are, there are plenty of ways you can turn this into something that you can focus your energy into. The great thing is that the benefits of a passion project are endless, check some of them out below: 

  1. Decrease your stress levels: When you come home from a stressful day and have something to focus on that you enjoy, your stress levels decrease massively. Suddenly your day isn’t defined by something that happened at work, in fact, you’re probably so excited about doing your own thing you forgot about how stressful work was anyway! Focusing your energy on something positive can only ever be a good thing.

  2. Use and practice your talents: When we are young, we are totally encouraged to be artistic, music and innovative. This shouldn’t change just because we don’t ‘need’ these talents for our jobs. Make a way to work on your talents as part of your passion project!

  3.  Spend less time doing things that make you feel negative: See I’m not the biggest fan of TV, but I know a lot of people are. However, watching TV whilst binging on any snacks you can find in the house is not serving you or your life in any way and is probably one of the reasons that you may feel unfulfilled. Spending time on your passion project means that you’re putting your energy into something positive.

  4. Make your mark on the world: I love that the Evolve Project is our little message to the world. We believe that everyone has a gift and something to share that others can benefit from. This includes you! Build something that’s yours and tell your story!

  5. Discover more about yourself: Don’t know anything about starting a YouTube channel? Yay! Imagine how excited you’ll be when you’ve learnt how to do it! Had no idea you could start a business until your Etsy shop started bringing in an income? Well done! You find out things about yourself you didn’t know, and the things you don’t know, you can learn! Personal growth = HUGE!

Hope this has inspired you to go and take some action.

Love, S x