The benefits of journaling


I’ve never been the biggest fan of journaling, not through the fault of journaling itself. But because I felt that I didn’t have the time, I was already cramming so much into my day and spent such a long time in ‘rush mode’. I thought to myself that, even if I did find the time, what the heck would I write? An account of what I did that day? Would I have to start with ‘dear diary?’ That sounded tedious and boring and just not for me at all. 

Journaling has come up continuously in so many personal growth books that I have read, and videos that I’ve watched, and even been brought up in the yoga classes I attended recently. After some time I took it as a sign from the universe that I should really look into how journaling can boost your happiness and where to start when it comes to what to write. 

After doing some research and finding out how journaling can make you happier, but also what things you can write without it taking up too much time, and feeling like your working on an autobiography, I realised that journaling can the benefits of journaling are totally undeniable, and if you know how to do it in a way that suits you, it doesn’t have to be boring or long winded either. 

Journaling helps you to become more self aware and helps you reflect

What today has made you laugh? Who has inspired you today? What news story has interested you? What videos have you watched? Journaling about everyday things can help you reflect on yourself and your life. Really start to understand yourself, become self aware, realise what makes you tick and what gets you excited. 

Journaling helps you to appreciate challenges and problems you have overcome

Learnt something new today? Overcame a challenge? Not only will writing down your accomplishments and daily wins down remind you of how well you’re doing and how much you’re growing, it gives you something to look back at for if you need some inspiration. It will also help you to remember your life lessons to encourage you in future challenges. 

Journaling helps you to keep track of your personal growth

Ever read incredible personal growth books that inspire you? Read a poem that seems like it was written especially for where you’re at in life right now? Or hear a quote that you want to remember? Everytime you see something that you feel contributes to your personal growth, don’t just highlight it or circle it, or like it on instagram, write it in your journal, or print it out and glue it in your journal. This will help you to remember and keep track of what is helping you grow. 

Journaling helps you to stay aligned with your goals

Continuous reminders about what it is you’re working towards will mean that your goals stay at the full focus of your mind. When you continuously write something down over a period of time it signals to your brain that “this is important”, which means that you’re more likely to work towards your goals and ambitions. Start writing in your journal steps you wish to take towards your goals today and why you’re doing them, you’ll find yourself being so much more productive.

Journaling helps you to become more disciplined 

Setting aside 5 minutes a day towards any activity is such a healthy thing for you to get into. Putting time aside everyday no matter what, is so positive and when journaling becomes a habit, you’re not only gaining all the benefits of journaling, but you’re also teaching yourself to commit to something. When you start to notice that you have become more disciplined in one area of your life, you will naturally watch yourself become more disciplined when it comes to things like exercise and keeping your bedroom tidy, too!  

I hope this post has inspired you to pick up your journal,

Love and light, S x