How travel can help you grow


I’m 3 days into my latest adventure, a 10 day trip with my boyfriend in the Northern Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Safe to say, I’m having the most incredible time, as I always do when I travel. The magical weather, views and time to think and regain my thoughts got me thinking about the ways that travel has really helped me to grow as a person - and how I just wouldn’t be where I am today without the exposure I’ve had to the rest of the world. 

Once I’d realised the affect travel has had on my own path, I thought it was worth a share for those who were thinking about travelling but weren’t sure whether it is a worthy investment of your money and time. Take this post as the sign you need to take a break, book the flight and work on yourself. 

Check out the ways I've found travel to help me grow, and what it can do for you too:

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

I’ve found this to be the most obvious answer when it comes to travelling, especially when it comes to countries such as India, where everything seems to be a little more difficult, there are massive language barriers and culture differences. Ever feel like you’re living on autopilot? Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone by travelling to places completely different to your home country will make you feel alive. You’ll find yourself trying things you’ve never tried, eating things you didn’t know existed and you’ll go home feeling like you can conquer the world

Meet people you wouldn’t meet at home

I have met some of the most incredible people travelling, people I will never forget, people who have had a massive influence on how I live now, and the choices I’ve made in life. With each person that you meet while you’re travelling you can guarantee you’ll learn something new, whether it be a new recipe that becomes your favourite, a few life hacks that help you live happier, tips on more places to go or adventures to take, the list is endless. The people you meet will give you a new perspective, a new viewpoint on a different way of thinking. 

Learn about yourself

Travelling will help you to get to know yourself. Because of travel, I have learnt some really valuable lessons about myself. Not only have I learnt that I pick up languages quickly, that I’m not great at navigating myself around without 4G, and that I’m actually pretty good in social groups of people I don’t really know very well. I have also learnt to become more patient, more respectful around other cultures and religions and more conscious about political and social issues in other countries. Travel will help you to get to know yourself a little better. What types of people you like to hang out with, what types of environments do you love the most, discover a newfound love for culture, art, fashion, photography or whatever it is, it’s you!

Learn about other’s beliefs and way of life

As an add on to learning more about yourself, travelling will help you to learn about other cultures, religions, political beliefs, and day to day ways of living. For example, in Sweden I learnt the power of Greta Thunberg, a young girl who has spent the last few years protesting about the lack of action when it comes to environmental issues. At around 11 years old she started and to this day, stands outside Swedish Parliament instead of going to school on a Friday in protest. This has had a HUGE influence on not only Swedish politics, but also Swedish culture, where young people seem very passionate about international and environmental affairs and become heavily involved in it. 

Learning these things will help you to understand and become more aware of other cultures, but also may be something you add to your own belief system at home. 

 Become grateful for home comforts

Ever feel like you’re sick of routine and doing the same old thing with the same old people? A great thing about the way we live as Westerners is that we are pretty comfortable and stable. Travel helps you to step away from that comfort for a while. You might experience less efficient public transport, less hospitable customer service, and other situations that make you feel uneasy. Living out of a bag can be a great adventure, but can also be totally unorganised and irritating at times. You might even feel like you miss home. After a long trip, I always come home ready to sleep in my own bed, I feel grateful for my job, my home, my friends, my local yoga studio and gym. 

I’m sure there are many more ways as to how travel can help you grow. You will find your own ways that travel has helped you to grow as a person, please do write in and let us know what you have found with your own experiences. 

But for now, I hope this post gives you that nudge you may need to plan your next adventure! 

Love and light, S x