How to change your money mindset


For a lot of us, money is more of a burden than something we can easily talk about. Along with that, worry or fear of how we will be able to manage can manifest itself, causing further stress, anxiety and worry around the entire topic. When you think about money, what are the feelings or thoughts that come to mind? Do you not earn enough? Are you trying to save but can’t? Do you want more money to do all the things you want in life? Or are you an obsessive saver? Everyone can resonate with at least one of these main reasons as to why you might think that money is a worry for you.

I recently attended a workshop called Naked Money, where the premise was to dig deeper into why we hold certain beliefs around money - what was the main ‘why’ that caused the money worry. It turns out that money is not actually the source of your worry or anxiety. Money is just an excuse for the underlying reasons that scare us, and the emotions we feel when we try and justify why can't do the things we want to. 

My worry about money revolved around the future, I am afraid that I will never have enough to do all the things I want in life. As I dug deeper, the real reason as to why I was worried about money, actually had nothing to do with money. What I was really fearing was if I did have enough money and could do all the things I want to achieve in life, it would mean putting myself out there - becoming exposed and vulnerable. 

My mindset shifted after this realisation, I was focusing my energy on the wrong target. I realised that my goal of financial freedom was not what I really wanted. What I wanted was the experience and feelings of happiness and contentment that I could get through living the life I wanted. I had been putting energy and focus on manifesting money instead of my end goal. 

How to change your money mindset

The process below will open you up and give you a better idea of what your true feelings around money are. If you can understand those you will gain clarity on what you are truly worrying about and how you can fix that but changing your money mindset. 

  1. I want you to write down any thoughts or feelings that arise when you think of money. What worries do you have around it? What do you associate with money? E.g. I worry about not having enough money in the long term to live my life in the way I want to. 

  2. When you have a sentence that describes your true feelings around money, write down why you think that. What is it that makes you feel that way? E.g. I feel this way because I discovered what I wanted to do in life through finding the things that light me up. Because of this, I need financial freedom to be able to achieve those. 

  3. Now I want you to try and dig deeper, strip down to the true reason as to what is causing you to feel this way. What is the true fear that the need for money is covering up for you? E.g. I feel a worry around money because if I got enough of it, it means I can do all I want in life. But this means that I would have to put myself out there, which would put me in an uncomfortable situation.

  4. You should now have an idea as to what lies under your money worry. Whatever your answer to number 3 is, I want you to come up with a solution as to what you can do to resolve that reason. What is it you can do to tackle your true worries. E.g. My true worry is revealing myself to the world, thereby putting myself out of my comfort zone. To help with this I will make an effort to get out of my comfort zone as frequently as I can. I will also realign my goals to not focus on getting financial freedom but to focus on the end goals I want to achieve. 

I hope this has given you a clearer insight into how you can change your money mindset. 

Love and light

C x