How to implement a morning routine


If you’ve ever heard of the expression, how you do one thing is how you do everything, you will know how important it is to implement good habits into your life. Every day you wake up brings with it new opportunities and synchronicities that lead you along your destiny. However, there are ways you can increase these moments of happiness and realisations to ensure you live every single day as fully as you can. That by the end of the day all of your priorities and goals are aligned, your soul is content and your mind is at ease. The key is morning routines. If you set yourself up every morning on a particular frequency, you will flow through the day on that same frequency. If you’re not sure what should be incorporated into a morning routine, or think that you don't have enough time fear not. I’m going to walk you through an optimal morning routine that will reprogram your mind and habits to level up your ability to perform for the day.

  1. Wake up early. Sleep is, of course, fundamental in sustaining your best life, therefore I do not want you to compromise the amount of sleep you need. We all have different sleeping patterns, therefore work out what suits you best. You can either go to bed an hour earlier to wake up an hour before you need to, or you can try and wake up earlier regardless and see how it works for you. The point is, having enough time in the morning before you start your day is essential to carry out your morning routine. I like to have at least an hour to two each morning to do everything I need without rushing to set up my day.

  2. Movement. We all have different preferences when it comes to exercising. Personally, I love adding in my yoga routine right after I wake up. Being able to stretch, breathe and move my body through yogic movements is energising and the perfect type of movement I need to feel fulfilled. You can vary your morning movements by experimenting with different exercises, in the summer when the days are longer I enjoy running outside in the fresh air. Whichever method you use, try to make sure you raise your heart rate during your movement to increase circulation and oxygen distribution.

  3. Gratitude. I practice my gratitude in the morning because it reprograms my headspace into a positive and calm mindset - something I have found to be crucial when starting the day. It’s the mind that is the most challenging to control, so if you can be in the correct mindset at the beginning of your day you will flourish for the rest. Learn how to being your gratitude practice here.

  4. Meditation. As we know the benefits of meditation are so extensive there is no reason to not practise it. We are surrounded by the ever consuming non-stop pressures of life, each and every day. To be able to balance this and live up to your potential we need to take some time to ourselves, to connect and reset. Through meditation, we can ground ourselves, destress the mind and heal the body. Along with gratitude, meditation sets your mindset making it an essential morning habit. See how meditation is made simple here.

  5. Self-talk. Depending on how aware you are of your thoughts, you might not realise how much of an impact your thoughts have on your life. Our brains are hardwired to think negatively, as we are constantly on the lookout for danger in order to protect ourselves. Negative self-talk is damaging not only to the mind but to the body and soul. Every thought has a physical and emotional reaction, so if that thought is negative it manifests in us causing limited belief systems and mental states. To solve this dedicate 3-5 minutes every morning to run through some powerful affirmations and mantras. You can tailor these to be specific on what you have planned for that day. If you have an important meeting that is making you feel anxious, tell yourself that you will walk into that meeting with confidence, clarity and calmness.

Let me know how you get on with your morning routines and what works best for you.

C x