Why you should practice forgiveness


Forgiveness is a trait that many people think to be weak. If you forgive someone or something that has done you wrong, it’s common to feel like forgiveness is the easy way out. That instead, staying angry or saddened is the safest way to protect ourselves. We harbour resentment and hate for something or someone that has caused us pain. We victimise ourselves further by pushing all the blame onto that person, again because it’s an easy way out. It was their fault, they did this to me.

A technique that helps to let go and heal these moments is forgiveness. Now, I'm not saying that forgiveness means that you pardon someone from the act they committed nor is it to completely forget about what has happened. Rather, it's about accepting and letting go. By choosing to forgive, we are choosing to forgive ourselves. This is the crucial point to remember, forgiveness is not about anyone else, it's about you.

Forgiveness is freedom. Forgiving someone, a situation or even yourself is the most liberating and freeing way of getting over hurt and pain to start the healing process and move past it. To not let life events take you prisoner and define who you are. Forgiveness allows you to grow into a person who is able to look beyond painful life moments, to let go and move on.

You might be thinking that you want to incorporate some forgiveness into your life, or at least try it. The best place to start is to follow Vishen Lakhiani’s forgiveness meditation here. This will give you a detailed step by step process on how to forgive that you can break down into smaller pieces once you are comfortable enough with it.

Forgive and let go.

C x