What are positive affirmations and do they work?

“I’m not smart enough to read that” 

“I’m not fit enough for this class”

“I’m not skinny enough to wear that” 

“I’m not pretty enough for him/her/this”

Any of these sound familiar? I thought so, these are the things that we subconsciously tell ourselves all day everyday, we say it so much that we believe it. We feel like imposters for having the courage to do things that we wouldn’t usually do, and we quickly knock ourselves down a few pegs if we dare to jump out of our comfort zones. It’s so easy to forget how much power our thoughts and words have. After all, what we think and say is what we are. 

Positive affirmations are the exact opposite of the quotes above, they are statements which we repeat regularly to replace negative thoughts about ourselves and our capabilities. They have as much power as negative statements that we say about ourselves, and getting in the habit of using them everyday can help you to overcome feelings of self sabotage and negativity. 

Using them is simple, but not easy, positive affirmations might seem a little far fetched in the beginning, and why wouldn’t they? We’ve conditioned ourselves to take on and believe negative feedback better than anything else so it seems a little awkward and inauthentic to begin with. Using positive affirmations are such an amazing way to start subconsciously rewiring your mind, so that you become more confident, energetic, positive and ambitious. 

How to get positive affirmations to work for you 

The first thing you need to do to get in the habit of using positive affirmations is to write them down. I use revision cards to write down each affirmation that I want to use on a daily basis, this means that I can focus on each affirmation one at a time. But also, using note cards means I can carry them around easily just in case I need a little self- confidence boost throughout the day. Using your journal will also work!

Focus on things that you know you want to improve, for example, if you have low self- confidence when it comes to fitness something like “I am strong and capable” would be a good place to start. Maybe you feel that you struggle with body confidence? Try something like “I am grateful for what my body does for me” or “I love …. about my body” 

Once you have written them down, schedule time each day to sit on your own and repeat the affirmations to yourself. Taking five minutes both morning and night is probably the most productive time to schedule this in, this means that you’re waking up with positivity every morning and going to bed every night with positivity, no matter how your day has gone. 

Getting into the swing of repeating your positive affirmations may be difficult to begin with, and when you start getting into the habit it does almost seem like you have no connection to what you are saying and you don’t quite believe it. This is totally normal so don’t worry. Give it time, and keep persevering with it. 

Eventually, you will notice that your mind starts to reject your negative thoughts. Your positive affirmations sink into your subconscious mind and you start to believe and act as if your affirmations are true. You’ll notice that your behaviours will change and your confidence will begin to come through. You’ll start to talk more positively about yourself, your body and your capability. GO YOU! 

What positive affirmations do you need to start telling yourself? 

Let us know how you get on!

Love and light, 

S x