Top 5 essential oils you need in your life


Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and have been tracked through almost all cultures. Their uses have been documented as potions, healing balms, perfume and medicine. The oils are concentrated extracts from plants and flowers and because of how concentrated they are the oils are incredibly potent, filled with amazing properties from healing your skin to reducing stress.

There are so many essential oils out there, more than a hundred in fact, that it can be very overwhelming when it comes to deciding which ones you should use. I’ve been obsessed with essential oils for a while now and use them in my life all the time. I will even pack them with me if I go travelling. Today I’m going to give you a rundown of the top 5 essential oils you should have in your cupboard and what the main benefits of them are.

My top 5 essential oils


Lavender is widely recognised as the most popular essential oil and is known for its sleep-aiding properties. However, a lot of studies have been recording the effect of lavender on anxiety and depression. Due to its calming effect lavender has a big impact on improving mood and reducing stress.

  • Improves sleep onset and quality: I like to add drops of lavender onto my pillows before I go to sleep. 

  • Reduces anxiety and stress: Having not only the essential oil in your house but also some dried lavender stalks you can inhale will help relieve anxiety and stress.

  • Heals burns: The healing properties that lavender has works particularly well with burns. It soothes the skin and helps avoid scaring that the burn might leave. 


I love the smell of peppermint as it has a revitalising and energising edge to it. The main reason I use peppermint is to help with digestion or IBS symptoms. 

  • Painkiller: I always try and use natural methods to alleviate pain rather than taking paracetamol. If I have a headache then I will massage a few drops of peppermint onto my temples. 

  • Digestion aid: Rubbing some peppermint on to your stomach helps with digestion or bloating. 

  • Increase energy: If you need an energy top-up, peppermint raises energy levels and increases mental clarity. Dab some drops onto your wrists and rub together to release the scent.


Frankincense has a more intense smell that isn't naturally sweet, however, its properties are out of this world. You might remember frankincense in the story of the three wise men - the oil has been around for years and years. Today, frankincense is known for its cancer-fighting properties. 

  • Improves immunity: It’s been proven that frankincense can aid in immunity by fighting viruses and bacteria by increasing the antibodies in your bloodstream.

  • Improves memory: The use of frankincense has been studied to enhance memory performance. Put a drop of frankincense under your tongue to help with memory and health boosting properties.

  • Reduce stress: By lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, frankincense helps reduce stress. Try putting a few drops into your next bath.


Ylang-Ylang means flowers of flowers in Indonesian. This is one of my favourite oils, just inhaling the smell puts me in a good mood!

  • Mood enhancer: It's proven that ylang-ylang puts you in a good mood by the way it affects the brain. It will encourage pleasant moods while releasing negative ones. 

  • Improves skin: Due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, you can apply ylang-ylang (with a carrier oil) to your skin to improve spots and scars. 

  • Calming: It's always important to remember what calms you in moments of anxiety or stress. Ylang-ylang is a great oil to put in your diffuser at the end of a stressful day. 


Eucalyptus oil is best known for improving respiratory conditions, clearing sinuses and improving breathing channels. Using a combination of eucalyptus and peppermint to alleviate breathing problems will give you the extra boost you need. 

  • Improves respiratory conditions: Other than for colds, asthma or flu, eucalyptus improves respiratory conditions by stimulating your immune system by clearing out breathing pathways. 

  • Boosts mental clarity: With its invigorating properties, eucalyptus oil clears up brain fog through elevating any blockages preventing oxygen flowing to the brain. 

  • Reduces pain: Eucalyptus reduces pain, especially muscle pain and reduces inflammation on the skin. Add some drops to a carrier oil and massage into your muscles. 

The best way to use essential oils is through a diffuser - you can add drops of your favourite ones or mix them together to create an essential oil fusion. You can find the diffuser I use here. Alternatively, and for some specific benefits, you can use any essential oils with a carrier oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil etc) and apply to your skin - I recommend the best places to apply the oil is your wrists and temples. 

Take some time and find out which essential oils you prefer.


C x