How to practice gratitude


Something I do every day that’s been one of the most powerful tools in upgrading my happiness has to be gratitude. It’s simple, easy and effective. You can practice gratitude anywhere, anytime. On the train, whilst walking, during your lunch break or even added into your meditation technique. The best time of day to practice is either in the morning or at night time before you go to sleep. During the morning, taking time to be grateful sets your day up by changing your mindset. Whilst practising before you go to bed allows your mind to relax and reduce any worry or anxiety.

Practising gratitude grounds you. It takes your attention from any toxic or unhealthy thoughts and forces you to focus on the good things. The more you practice gratitude, the more you will notice being appreciative of the smaller things in life and gives you a greater capacity to feel happy.

When you think of a single thing you are grateful for you need to feel it. You need to feel the emotion of gratitude, really feel it within your heart. Follow the two step process below to get started:

  1. Take a deep breath and become aware of your surroundings, look around and take everything in. If it’s easier, close your eyes to become fully present.

  2. In your head or in your journal, list 3 things you are most grateful for right at this very moment. It can be as simple as enjoying the sun streaming through the windows.

Now you can list more than 3 things, you can list a 100 things! But 3 is a good number to start you off, it’s enough to begin to instal the habit within you.

Thank you for reading.

C x