5 tips to manage anxiety and stress at work


Ever feel like you’re so stressed and anxious at work that you’d rather sit and watch the clock than communicate with anyone or carry out the tasks you need to do? Maybe you’re in a high pressure role where you constantly feel like you’re working really hard and not seeing the benefits or being appreciated for what you do? Maybe you’re even being bullied or left out by work colleagues and you’re starting to let it get to you? 

Stress or anxiety at work can affect your daily life so easily, and start taking a toll on your other relationships, hobbies and activities outside of it.

First of all, I think it’s really important to mention that if your work is driving you to the point where you literally feel anxious and stressed all the time, then hun, here’s a reality check: IT’S NOT WORTH IT. It’s not worth your health (mental or physical), it’s not worth your time and it’s definitely not worth losing yourself over. So it’s really worth evaluating whether your stress/anxiety at work is temporary or if it’s something that’s devaluing your self worth. If it’s something that you deem to be temporary or worth it in the long run then check out these 5 tips that will help you find your centre amidst all the chaos. 

Make the most of your lunch break

Utilising your lunch break to do fun things can make your day SO much better, so if you’re currently in the habit of sitting at your desk whilst wolfing down a sandwich, checking the news or finishing work, then it’s time for a change. Make a point of leaving the office everyday during your lunch, whether it be heading to your local library, checking out a new coffee shop, or just sitting in the nearest park, getting out and about, especially in nature will make you feel so much better. Go out and do something different everyday to keep yourself stimulated and give yourself something to smile about.

Take five

Whatever kind of job you have, but especially if you have a desk job, it’s so important to take five minutes every hour or so to wake yourself up and get yourself moving, whether that’s to get a brew, have a quick stretch or practice some meditation in the bathroom whilst pretending to pee. Take some time to step away from what you’re doing so that you can focus your energy on your own wellbeing and get some ‘me time’ throughout the day. 

Let it out

It’s so easy not to talk about our anxiety and stress at work, it seems to be a natural reaction for us to ignore the problem and bottle it up to the point where we become unsociable and irritable with everybody. The worst thing you can do is become a recluse both in and outside of work. Talking about your issues will help you to let it off your chest and make you feel better. It will reassure you that people are listening, and perhaps they’ve had similar experiences which they can share with you, or advise they can perhaps give. 

Take up a new hobby outside of work 

Giving yourself something new to focus on outside of work will help you  to look forward to something when you’re at work. It will remind you that there is a life beyond what you do at your desk and it will give you something to end your day on a positive note. Having a hobby will teach you some new skills that will overall benefit your self-worth and happiness levels. Hobbies that are active will help you ensure you’re getting the right amount of exercise - try picking up your new hobby with a friend or your partner so that you’re more likely to show up. All of a sudden your work stress and anxiety could seem a lot easier to handle. 

Get organised

Managing stress and anxiety can cause you to become bogged down, especially if the stress is due to workload. Getting organised is super important so that you can complete tasks with a clear mind. Lists are your best friend, so get yourself a notebook or a diary and list each of the tasks you need to get done during your working week, split them into days with priority and you’ll find your working hours become a lot more productive resulting in less stress! It’s so easy to start 5 tasks and end up having them all still be unfinished. Try to get things done one at a time so you can start to see some progress. 

Hope this helps, 

S x