Instant tips to elevate your energy


Sometimes we need a boost to snap out of whatever mindset and energy space we’re in, to flick a switch and reset it. Depending on how practised you are at doing so, it can take a while to feel like your normal self again after moving through difficult times or feeling low. But consciously doing little things specifically targeted at uplifting your energy and taking you away from any dark place makes a huge difference to the process. It’s sometimes easy to think that you will just ride the energy out, letting the negative thoughts and feelings consume you until you’re better the next day. But waiting around sulking in bad energy will do you no good, in fact, it will make it harder for you to try and change it around next time. 

My top energy lifting tips

Below are the top things I tend to do when I need my energy lifted. Try them out for yourself and see if you feel any change in energy after doing so. 

Buy a plant

When I first moved into my flat about a year and a half ago I knew I wanted some greenery around the place. Not only to bring some nature into my space but for air filtration. What I wasn't ready for was the addiction that came with buying a plant. Today, buying a plant is a true treat and brings me so much joy! As odd as it might sound, once you get hooked there is no turning back. Plants give off their own energy and even take away negative energy within their environment making them the perfect companions. At the moment my favourite plant is the string of hearts. 

Clean your space

As you might know, the state of your head reflects the state of your environment and vice versa. Get your hoover out, stack your things, put them out of sight and organise your space. To have a tidy and clean space is an instant happiness and calming booster. If you have trouble keeping your space tidy then you need to form some habits around getting the job done. If you have washing to do, don’t wait until the sink is full, wash them then and there. The more you practise, the easier it will be until at some point you won’t even have to think about it. 


Whenever my sister is feeling down or having a bad day I will spam her with videos and photos of funny family moments or embarrassing photos we’ve taken of ourselves. Just looking back and experiencing those moments again through digital means allows you to revisit that time. What will happen is you will feel the same energy you felt back then because you are living the experience all over. Likewise reminiscing with a friend by looking back through old photos raises your energy instantly. Connecting with that person and sharing your experiences brings you together, creating a sense of love and fun - the exact feeling you need to let your energy flow. 

Learn something new

Is there a topic that fascinates you? Do you feel drawn or experience a feeling of awe when you are reading or learning about something you have no prior knowledge in? The world we live in is full of awe-inspiring, incredible inventions, industries and miracles that nature has created for us. Learning something new shifts your perspective on your current focus, taking you outside of your mindset and presents a wider scope for you to concentrate on. If you can find out what really makes you go wow, and learn about it, not only are you giving yourself an escape but you are making room for growth and expanding your awareness. 


The effect of music on our mood is underrated. The right song at the right time can have a massive impact on our energy. It can lift us up and flow through our bodies, taking us to a far away land where our imagination walks free. For me, music is a powerful uplifter that helps with shifting not only my energy but soothing the environment around me. Instrumental music is what helps me wash away any bad day feelings and returns my happy vibe to me.


I’ve always loved looking at the night sky and seeing the stars. The sparkling dots in the sky are not only beautiful to look at but if you stop and think about what they actually are, it’s pretty amazing. Far away planets, suns, solar systems - the Universe is vast, so vast that whenever I try and think about it I can’t even comprehend it. Just being outside looking at the stars is completely grounding, and renews your energy through natural forces. 

Next time you feel your energy needing to be uplifted try some of these tips and see how you get on. 

Sending you some good vibes.

C x