How to reduce PMS pain

So recently I have been dealing with, literally THE WORST PMS symptoms and so I decided to really delve into some research around what can be done to soften the blow, without reaching for the pain killers in the cupboard every day for a week in the month. Fed up of being bloated, always STARVING and cranky, I looked into the nutritional and holistic approaches when it comes to PMS symptoms to figure out how we can work with our bodies to experience as much relief as possible. This is what I found:

The most important and common ways to reduce the symptoms of PMS were to change up our diets just before and during our period week. I didn’t even realise until doing my own research that what you consume can be the difference between a week of absolute discomfort to a week of nearly nothing - Acne? Weight gain and bloating? Mood swings and melt-downs? - use these tips to regulate your hormones and get yourself back to feeling you!

  1. Take a pro/prebiotic or consume foods/drinks with live bacteria to keep on top of your gut health! This being said - try to stay away from dairy and soy. Stick to things like coconut yoghurt/milk and herbal remedies which can keep you in balance.

  2. Focus on eating more leafy greens, fruits and vegetables - This will supply your body with all the vitamins and goodness it needs to recover and remain strong, foods rich in iron and B-Vitamins will help you to stay alert and energetic to boss your day as if it was any other! Try to buy organic if you can which will allow you to avoid pesticides/chemicals and other unnatural nasties that may cause you hormonal damage.

  3. Snack on nuts, sweet potato fries, legumes and other filling foods. This will not only add to your vitamin intake, but these foods will naturally keep you fuller which will prevent you from eating the entire aisle of pick and mix whenever mother nature visits.

  4. STAY HYDRATED! Basically, if your body is normal and happy and healthy: drink tons of water. When your body feels rubbish, bloated, and crampy: drink double. It’s not rocket science, it’s just really good for you, and if you’re anything like me and you get bad skin as a little PMS surprise, water should really be your best friend!

  5. Limit caffeine Intake: Coffee had been proven to contribute to the symptoms of PMS but also can disrupt your sleep giving you additional reasons to feel tired and frustrated throughout the week.

  6. Light exercise: Being lightly active will help you feel better, a walk in the fresh air, a light jog or some yoga will not only help your physical symptoms but also your psychological ones.

The most important thing to remember about this time of the month, huns, is to look after yourselves if a massive bar of chocolate is a craving you just can’t curb, EAT IT and don’t feel bad, own it and enjoy it. Check out Catrin’s Self Love Checklist HERE and treat yourself to a night of pampering and love!

Lots of Love, S x