How to improve your body confidence

Recently, I have been spending lots of time on social media scrolling through perfect images of beautiful girls with gorgeous bodies, faces, fashion sense and literally everything. I never really thought that it was affecting my own self image, or even that I was so easily influenced by other people until I realised that I was slowly starting to feel really negative towards my own body and self image in general. 

Suddenly my mind was consumed with thoughts that made me feel less confident, attractive and more conscious of all my flaws. Before I knew it I’d gotten myself into such a negative state of mind that I noticed a change in my behaviour too. I realised that negative body image isn’t something I could ignore, especially since I had noticed a massive decrease in my happiness levels. 

Have you checked in with yourself recently? Have you noticed how you talk to yourself, about yourself and your body? Don’t feel skinny/curvy enough? Not tanned enough? This is a habit we need to kick as soon as we see signs of it. Check out how we can boost our body confidence and ways I managed to turn my negative mindset around and start to feel confident in myself again: 

  1. Social media detox: This is so so important when you start to feel that you’re comparing yourself to people on Instagram. Now personally, I love Instagram, it’s inspired me to travel, try new sports, discover exciting events and so many other things that have added value to my life. But the moment you realise that social media of any kind is having a negative affect on your wellbeing and self image, switch it off. Taking a break is so healthy - and you can use this time to read a personal growth book or practice yoga, or whatever it is that makes you feel like you.

  2. Dust off your journal: Write down all the things you love about yourself and your image. What’s your favorite part of your body? What’s your best asset? What have you worked hard on? Whether it be that you always make the effort to have your eyebrows shaped perfectly or that you love how peachy your bum looks in those gym leggings, write it down and fall in love with yourself all over again!

  3. Positive affirmations: write some little messages to yourself and stick them on all the mirrors around your house. Every time you walk past them, make sure that you take a few seconds to read them to yourself. You will be surprised about the difference that this will make. In the words of Buddha: “What you think, you become.” Try messages like: ‘I am confident and beautiful’, ‘I love my body’ and ‘I am so grateful for what my body can do.’ Repeat them to yourself on a regular basis.

  4. Do something to spoil yourself: Does a spa day usually make you feel better? Maybe you love to get your nails done, plan a day where you do nothing but spoil yourself. Even if it means just using an exotic smelling bath bomb or buying yourself that dress you’ve been eyeing up. This will help you to reconnect with yourself and make you feel a little more you. Stuck for ideas? Check out Catrin’s incredible self-love checklist here. 

  5. Get moving: Haven’t tried a new sport in a while? Feel like you’ve neglected your own self care because you’ve been too busy worrying about your image? Meet up with a friend to play badminton? Try a yoga or pilates class? Getting a sweat on will always help you to feel better, and might even remind you of how amazing our bodies are. 

Hope this helps you to feel as beautiful as you are. 

Love and light, S x