5 ways to instantly feel better


Ever have those days where you just feel like you could roll yourself up into a ball and sit on the sofa for HOURS eating ice cream and feeling sorry for yourself? Maybe work has you feeling drained so you come home and spend too much time worrying about it instead of doing things that will instantly light you up? Girl, we have all been there. Sometimes you spend so much time doing the things you feel you have to do, which prevents you from really being you.

Try these tips to help you instantly lift your mood, and bring you back to life. 

  1. Go outside: I know this has been said 100 times, but it’s so important to spend time outside. Nature is so good for your mental health, it keeps you grounded, it’s calming and will naturally lift your mood. The more green the better! Maybe you have somewhere around you with a lake or a canal? Try and make a habit of getting out into nature regularly, and when you’re out really appreciate everything you see and hear.

  2. Good music: Sometimes I come home from a hard day and I feel totally unmotivated, and ready to face plant into bed, whilst ignoring all of my adult responsibilities. This is when I put on some gangster rap and get myself back in the mood to get things done. Everyone has that one song that gets them up fired up - and when you’re feeling low it’s the best time to pull out that playlist. Doing housework/dancing around the lounge with the vacuum cleaner in your arms is a lot more fun with an uplifting beat. 

  3. Spend time with animals: Spending time with animals is proven to be a really effective stress reliever. Animals are incredible when it comes to lifting your spirits and making you feel better. Not only this, but they are also a reminder of how incredible this universe is. Don’t have pets? Obviously chasing dogs down the street isn’t a great idea. But there are plenty of ways to get your fix without getting your own pet or stalking strangers! The App BorrowMyDoggy for example, allows you to volunteer walk other’s dogs for them, or you could visit your local animal shelter and volunteer for them a few times. Maybe your mate has a pet you could offer to pet sit? 

  4. Make travel plans: Another one of my favourite things to do. Travelling is such a good way to bring spark into your life. Even just planning a trip gives you something to throw yourself into and get excited about. Even if you can’t go abroad, plan a weekend in the countryside or a city that you’ve always wanted to visit close by. Really go to town on the fine details - where will you eat and stay? What activities can you do there? This is one of my favourite things to do and will instantly lift your spirits. 

  5. Make a gratitude list: When I’m feeling down or negative I get myself into the habit of getting my journal and writing down everything in my life that I am grateful for. My friends, family, the experiences I’ve had, and even the hard times that I have come through. This is such a powerful exercise and can really help you stay grounded and instantly lift your mood. Have a read of Cat’s incredible guide to practicing gratitude here.

Hope this has inspired you to find some joy, love and light, S x