The importance of how you think about food


The way you think about food can be the difference between losing and gaining weight, becoming more or less healthy, developing healthy eating habits or destructive ones. And guess what? If you feel you have an unhealthy relationship with food, it’s not at the fault of food, it’s probably what you’re telling yourself about food!

Are you a “diet starts Monday?”, “ate a piece, might as well eat the whole cake” kind of person? If you are then I have big news! Diets don’t work, they just don’t, and when they do it’s usually really short term. The way to truly become healthier and have a better relationship with food is by changing your thoughts.

Diet = Deprivation. Have you noticed that when you tell a child they CAN’T do something, they will deliberately try and do that thing! That’s because it’s a natural human reaction! If we think we can’t do something - we will immediately want to.

An easier way to become healthier through food is to start thinking about it positively. So instead of telling yourself you’re “not eating carbs, or sugar” try instead “I’m going to start filling my body with more healthy and nutritious foods” or “I am going to eat more vegetables and fruits today”.  Phrases like the below can create a more positive relationship with food:

  • Switch “ I have to stop snacking” to “I am going to plan snacking a little more responsibly”

  • Switch “ I never eat chocolate” to “I LOVE eating chocolate every so often”

  • Switch “I can never eat out” to “eating out is such a fun experience, which I treat myself to once a week”

Be kind to yourselves huns,

Love, Sarah