Natural detox 101


Want to give your body a kick start into better health? Use these tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life without dieting. Try these tips and watch your body thank you!

  1. Drink more water. It sounds obvious but, water is the best way to naturally flush out toxins, it will clear up your skin and most people just don’t drink enough. Water is amazing for just about everything, your skin, your digestive, circulatory and respiratory system as well!  

    Top tip; Add some lemon to help with extra benefits to your digestive system. Add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar which again will add natural benefits to your detox.

  2. Switch your coffee for green tea. I know coffee is that ONE THING that no-one wants to give up. But coffee isn’t always great for you, especially if you don’t sleep well or are prone to feeling uneasy or anxious. Coffee causes the body to produce cortisol, which is the stress hormone. It also takes 14 hours to leave yours system you will probably feel it all day and throughout the night too! On top of this coffee has been associated with digestive issues such as IBS, and even weight gain. Switch to a green tea for a healthier caffeine boost.

  3. Smoothie for breakfast. One thing I LOVE to do, is put together healthy smoothies for breakfast - and because I’m usually rushing to get to work a smoothie is perfect! Fill your smoothie, with frozen berries, spinach and chia seeds, a little almond milk and anything else you like! This will give you some energy throughout the day and kick start your day with well needed fibre and a little hydration kick too!

  4. Take a pre and probiotic. These babies need a whole post of their own. They are magical, a good pre and probiotic can literally transform your life, especially if you suffer from digestive issues such as IBS. They will naturally clear out bacteria in your gut and replace it with balance and good bacteria. 60-70% of your immune system lives in your gut - so it doesn’t only benefit your gut but also your overall health!

  5. Add fibre. Humans need 30g of fibre a day - and guess what? The majority of us aren’t even close! Veggies such as broccoli, carrots and sweetcorn, wholegrains, Nuts and seeds, pulses and beans, fruits such as berries, pears and melons! Go crazy! Fibre won’t only fill you up for longer but also give your digestive system that push to flush out toxins quicker.

Let us know how you get on! Lots of love, Sarah x