Must know healthy eating habits


Want to adopt some healthy habits but not sure how to start? Check out these hacks that will help you kick-start some real healthy eating habits – and teach you to make more mindful choices when you’re hungry:

1.       Put healthy foods around the house and make them accessible. When you are hungry you tend to reach for the easiest or quickest thing to eat – which ends up being processed junk on the shelf. Try cutting fruit so it’s easier to reach for and eat when hungry.

2.       Eat what you see: as an add on to the above, try to keep foods that unhealthier at the back of your cupboards, behind the healthier foods. Generally, this means that the first thing you reach for is the healthy option!

3.       Freezers are your friends; Freezers can make your life so much easier. Morning smoothie? Reach for a frozen bag of pre-prepared fruit, add some nut milk and you’re done! Late dinner after the gym? A quick reheat of frozen chilli will save you from heading for your Deliveroo app. This leads to our next point:

4.       Meal prep: Yes, it does take time to prepare these in the first instance, but once you have made it a habit – it will make your life so much easier and healthier. Make twice the amount of food that you need and put it in the fridge or freezer for a meal when you’re struggling for time and you will soon see a difference in your diet and bank balance!

5.       Keep pre-cut vegetables fresh: Chop up your veggies and place them into a screw top jar full of water – this will prevent them from becoming stale and mushy! They will also stay fresh and crispy for much longer and are easily accessible so easy to reach for when you need a quick snack!

6.       Nuts & Seeds; Add nuts and seeds to your meals/smoothies/snacks to add nutrients but also keep you fuller for longer. E.g. Top some coconut yoghurt with nuts and seeds to make a delicious but filling and nutritious snack. You can also add seeds to your nut butters and dips! YUM!

7.       Plan; this is so important! At the beginning of every week, I always write what I am going to eat each day and what ingredients I need for those meals. This means that when I’m done at work, I can head straight to the ingredients I need and get started. This doesn’t only keep you away from quick and easy food that is less nutrient dense, but also means you don’t have to stress about what you’re going to make after a long day!
I know some of these are simple, but I hope this gives you a clear place to start when looking to adopt some healthier habits that can fit around your busy life!

Love, S x