How to make ginger health shots


There are so many benefits to adding ginger into your diet, (no, ginger biscuits don’t count!) and ginger health shots are the perfect way to get in plenty of it without adding it into every single meal possible! 

Before I go into the recipe, let’s talk about how these little bottles of joy contribute to your health. 

Benefits of ginger 

So, ginger root actually originates from China, and you might think that it’s a relatively new obsession, but actually the Chinese have been using it in their medicine for years! Because of it’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidants it is literally superfood central, and helpful for so many things: 

  1. Boosts immune system: Ginger shots are great for boosting your immunity and fighting off toxins that cause bugs and other illnesses

  2. Nausea: Ginger is literally a life saver when it comes to healing you of nausea! And as someone who deals with car sickness this is a MASSIVE bonus for me. You can even use it for morning sickness when pregnant to help you feel less queasy.

  3. Bloating: Ginger is a natural way of reducing bloating. Because ginger aids your digestion process, you can take a shot with a big meal or something you know your a little sensitive to and watch your bloating instantly improve! 

  4. And everything else: as well as all the above, ginger also has been proven to help with pain of any kind, lower blood sugar and even help your heart! 

So now that I’ve gone through the benefits, let me tell you how you can make them, which will not only save you some cash, but also some plastic. My top tip is to save your bottles from ginger shots you have had in the past so you have the perfect sized bottle for your own! 

For this you will need a juicer, so if you don’t have one already, check out this one which I would totally recommend, as it’s the one I use and it’s really well priced.

What you will need: 

2 lemons

5cm of ginger 

Tinned pineapple

First, peel both the lemons and ginger, after giving them a good wash. Then, cut into pieces and put through the juicer. Later add 2-3 of the pineapple chunks to sweeten up the flavour. Pour into your small bottles, and give them a good shake! Keep them in the fridge so that they last a few days if you’ve bulk made them! AND THAT’S IT! So simple, yet totally delicious and good for you! You can also add spices and other fruits such as turmeric if you want an extra health boost! 

Hope this helps, 

Love and light, S x