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Everyone’s journey is different. We all experience highs and lows, the good the bad, the positive and the negative. The Evolve Project is a knowledge base that is full of real life implementable, tangible methods and tools of how you can become more. More you, more abundant, more self-loving, more empowered, more free. 

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To create a hub for people who want to evolve, to make self-development an every day practise.


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about us

The Evolve Project co-creators

Hi, we’re Catrin & Sarah co-founders of The Evolve Project. Having just moved to the city of Manchester, and wanting to find some like-minded people we met through a social meet up. Ever since, we have stuck together like two peas in a pod dreaming of days filled with yoga, zen and freedom. Our spare time is filled with being outdoors, reading, travelling, eating wholesome plant-based food and smoothie bowls.

The Evolve Project became a lightbulb moment when we realised we really wanted to make a difference to everyday individuals. We want to share our passion for leading a healthy, abundant and fulfilled life. Ready to EVOLVE?